Zeke should be paid before Dak and have the biggest Running Back contract in NFL history

Zeke should be paid before Dak and have the biggest Running Back contract in NFL history

Yes I hate the cowboys, Yes Zeke is an idiot and Yes Dak has never missed a game so why did I write that title? Because Dallas has 0 chance of making a Super Bowl run without him.

Stephen A Smith always says that the Cowboys are always “a mistake waiting to happen” and he’s 100% right. Four years ago they had Romo, Dez and Demarco Murray (the best RB in the league) and still flopped. Yes we all know it was a catch. But the key to modern NFL offenses is NOT an aerial assault (sorry Kliff Kingsbury) it’s a strong running game!

How did the Pats make it to the Superbowl? You Tom Brady stans can shut up, because it wasn’t him, it was the Patriots run game, especially in the playoffs where Sony Michel and Rex Burkhead scored 9 touchdowns and Brady had 2TDs to 3 Interceptions.

The Rams got to Superbowl 53 because of Todd Gurley and C.J. Anderson. Zeke has lead the league in rushing 3 times! The math is easy: PAY THAT MAN! 

In a competitive NFC East, with Saquon arriving and the Eagles soaring again, the Boys need Dak more than he needs them. Pay the man!


Simba Restaurant and Lounge is a refreshing taste of east African cuisine

Simba Restaurant and Lounge is a refreshing taste of east African cuisine

Ottawa is small and part of being a small city (or big town) is that you see the same people, go to the same clubs and eat at the same restaurants. That’s why it’s always exciting to see a new spot open up. This week I discovered Simba Restaurant and Lounge on MacArthur, here is my honest review.

What I Ate

Beef brochette with a side of fried plantain and 2 Heinkein // ~ 25$


The owner is Rwandese and it shows, the food was authentic. My mom ordered Talapia and it had the spices and taste of a real east African meal. I loved my Brochette but there was only 4 pieces of beef on it which was surprising based on the price. That was disappointing.


It was noon on a Thursday and we were the only ones at the lounge, our server was attentive and entertaining. BUT the food took too long, we sat and talked for 40 plus minutes.

Final Thoughts

I support my people and I love eating east African food, Simba was good but has room to improve. One thing that shocked me was the price of water, on our final bill we were charged 2$ for a Dasani water bottle…it was shocking! The service was great and a major upside but the food prices and the wait times need to be improved.

3.1 / 5 Final review


My problem with the colorism debate

My problem with the colorism debate

I was recently listening to a good podcast called The Thick with Tabria Majors (a lightskin plus size model) and her co-host Mindy (a dark skin Haitain singer) where they discussed dating and colorism. This pod made me think of the recent #CancelChrisBrown hashtag last week where black women were attacking Breezy for saying he likes women with nice hair. A lot of black women online took offense and assumed he meant that he prefers lightskin women over darkskin. Why? Because dark skinned women have course hair and lightskin women usually have curly thin hair. My thoughts: Who gives a f**k what Chris Brown likes? Who?

When it comes to dating you can be as vain as you want! You can say “I only like tall, big booty, small eyed, lightskin femals that cook better than Anthony Bourdain” ! You can say that, why? Because dating is PERSONAL! It isn’t political. It is not a Public Relations strategy. In its purest form dating is interpersonal between two consenting people that are in love. When people get bitter or criticize other peoples dating choices it says more about THEM than the person they are critizing. So Chris Brown can like wtv the hell he likes because it is HIS life! And so can you, you are allowed to like what you like because its YOUR life.

Here is my problem: a lot of black people are using colorism as a scapegoat for other issues within our community.

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THE FASTEST KO IN UFC HISTORY!!!!! and 5 takeaways from last night

THE FASTEST KO IN UFC HISTORY!!!!! and 5 takeaways from last night

Yup we all saw it, but Askren didn’t! I’ve reviewed hella cards but after watching the 3 main scraps I can confidently say, this was the BEST CARD OF 2019! Here are my thoughts…

  1. Jorge Masvidal needs a title shot right away, yes I’m spitting facts. Gamebred is 34 and it feels like he is in the Michael Bisping zone, a big big come up at near the end of his career. That 5 second knockout was not a mistake, it was planned and it was perfect. Masvidal is focused, he can take on Colby and/or Usman.
  2. Amanda Nunes is in G.O.A.T mode, only Jon Jones, GSP and Anderson Silva are in that lane and guess who joined the club? Nunes beats people BRUTALLY! Ain’t no decision, she’s gonna head kick you to Pluto.
  3. Jon Jones was not trying, I know that sounds weird but when you watch the whole main event Santos was more hungry. Jones seemed uninterested, he came in the fight wanting a decision and it shows because he doesn’t care anymore. His fire is gone. He has no reason to beat tf outta Santos even though he is paid to fight…the irony
  4. Dana White is the king of hyping up fighters WAAAAY too early. It shows with Ben Askren, Sage Northcutt, Ronda Rousey, Yahir Rodrigez , Kevin Lee. Dana is a scammer.
  5. UFC fans are pathetic. During the Jones/Santos fight these “fans” kept booing because Jones chose to be “safe” and Not engage with a kickboxing champion. These are the same fans that just watched the fastest knock out in UFC history. Pathetic! These guys risk their lives to get boo’d by a lame ass fan base.

Where is the KKK going?

Where is the KKK going?

We’ve been talking about it since Kawhi raised his arms in Oracle, we’ve been talking about it since Kevin started the 2018-2019 season and we’ve been talking about it since Kyrie ruined Boston in December…NBA Free Agency.


I watch ESPN and FS1 videos religiously but I also have a mind of my own so here are my thoughts on where the K.K.K. is going.

Kyrie = Brooklyn Nets

He already bought a house in New York, he’s originally from Jersey and he’s a young weirdo that wants hella cash and a team to stroke his flat earth loving ego. The Brooklyn Nets are perfect.

Kevin = L.A. Clippers

Everyone kept saying New York Knicks or Brooklyn but the truth is, Durant loves LA. He loves competition and he wants to build a legacy. We won’t talk about his rivalry with LeBron, we won’t talk about his injury that the Warriors staff caused, we won’t even talk about all the hollywood projects Durant has planned, nah we won’t. Why not? Because deep down K.D. knows that the Clips are perfect for him.

Kawhi = Toronto Raptors

The reason Kawhi left the Spurs is because of Ego and pressure. Not from him, but from Greg Popovich and the entire Spurs organization. The Raptors don’t have an ounce of both. The reigning NBA champions are seen as underdogs and are NEVER profiled by the NBA media. They fit Kawhi’s personality, a grit and grind lowkey ASSASSIN! Kawhi is going to sign a one and done then join Durant on the Clips for the 2020-2021 season.



Room 104 is the most fun bar in the Byward Market

Room 104 is the most fun bar in the Byward Market

Yes I review food (and write sports, poetry, social commentary movies, music and everything else) but I review BARS too!!! I wrote about Pub 101, I wrote about Hooleys but gah damn it I gotta get straight to the bullsh*t! We used to love Warehouse but Room 104 has taken the crown as the best bar in Byward. Here’s why….

  1. Service: When it comes to bars and restaurants we all want the same thing: AMAZING customer service. You can be Hooleys or anything else. I can say this without a shadow of a doubt, Room 104 has amazing service. The drinks come quick and the bartenders are friendly, they even get lit with you! This is their best quality.
  2. Vibe: This is the second thing I look for in a bar, whats the vibe? Are people lame? Is the music proper? Do folks actually dance and be social instead of being weirdos? Is it consistent? In my eyes Room 104 does all of these things better then most!
  3. Value: Yes I check my analytics, I know my readers. Y’all are young, dumb and broke (like me)! That’s why Room 104 is the flex. 101 different 4$ shots, arcade games that are fairly priced and 12$ buckets (about 4 shots in a bowl). Ya walk in with 20$ you will get drunk. Walk in with 40$ you might hook up with a random tourist.

Final thoughts

Just go there fam, go on a thursday, friday or saturday night. Nuff said.

The NBA is pathetic…the whole damn league

The NBA is pathetic…the whole damn league

This isn’t a Game 6 NBA finals preview, this ain’t a “Go Raptors” post, and this ain’t a SCREW THE WARRIORS post (shocking eh?). Me and Max Kellerman are the biggest Warrior haters but we must stay objective…the NBA culture is why Kevin Durant broke his Achilles. We can point fingers at the Golden State front office, we can point at the NBA media *cough* Stephen A Smith *cough* but we can’t deny the FACTS: the NBA forces Superstar players to play for RATINGS.

Ratings making money and the NBA culture is about money first and the game second. Why did Derrick Rose have a disappointing career? Because he was pressured into playing Ball before his knees healed. Why did LeBron force himself to play the last 30 games of the season on a TRASH Lakers squad? Because ratings were going to sh*t and his team cared more about the playoffs than his health. Why did ESPN and Fox Sports call Kawhi and his uncle “crazy” for sitting out last season with the Spurs? Because ratings matter and they don’t care about his long term HEALTH.

The NBA is pathetic. I just gave 3 examples of Superstar players being pressured to play when their body was saying NO but their mind (and the WHOLE DAMN NBA) was telling then yes.

I feel sorry for KD, for one simple reason, he’s a guy that loves playing ball and wanted the best of his team. He’s the guy that sticks his neck out for people and ignores himself, his own well being. And for that reason, he broke his Achilles and ended the Warriors dynasty on June 10th 2019.