Football Week 7

And on the 7th week Jay said let there be Football Blogs. Let’s get real you guy all knew I’d do it, I told you it was coming and here it is, Football talk, plain and clear. I’ll give you a quick history from my part. I’ve been into football since 2008 and I’m constantly learning something new from the game. I’ve played on a few teams and I had fun. I’m a Baltimore whore and I rep Raiders Nation. I like other teams because of their players and a bit of their team history. Since its 4:20pm and I’m not consuming mary jane, I’m watching football and I got a few picks for football today. I know I’m late but the Broncos-Colts game is going to be going on sunday night. So if you don’t like either of those teams or if your not a football fan, please leave. Alright since we got the weak ones out of the way let’s get it in. This game is going to be a shootout and Peyton is coming for blood. Jim Irsay has been flapping his mouth all week about how Peyton said Luck was a better decision for the future, and how he didn’t regret getting ride of Peyton. Blah, Blah, Blah. I’m sick of his bullshit, I think Peyton is the best quarterback in the NFL and Defiantly a top 3 quarterback of all time. I’m telling you right now, Peyton wants to win this game above anything,  you know when he saw Indianapolis on the calender he had that circled with a star right next to it. There is no doubt in my mind that the Broncos are going to win this game, but its going to be very close. If Andrew Luck wins this game it will be the biggest poetic justice, no Kendrick Lamar. I’m predicting both Luck and Manning will have 300 yards or more. In order for Luck to win he’ll need his running game to finally matter, Trent Richardson will have to bust out those 3 or 5 yard TD runs close to the goal line. If he can’t produce I see no way that Indy is going to win. Luck cannot and will not outplay Peyton and I don’t see the Broncos losing this one. Score 45-42, game winning Field Goal for the Broncos.


I guess someone is reading

Alright then whats happening people, as I said in my first post this is a whole new thing for me and I’m happy to do this. Honestly I’ve been getting positive feedback and this makes me happy. I’ve gotten lots of ideas on what I should write about, from Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Ratchets, Rap songs and so forth. Some people even saying I should write everyday and I love this because I need to flex these writing skills. I flip and flop around on what I wanna do when I’m older so i’m thinking of doing something involving writing. Today is October 6th 2013 and its the second time I’ve used wordpress and damn I’m learning something new everyday. I saw some stats on my site and I learned that I got 161 views on my first blog, and to that I’m grateful to everyone who saw it. So I’m thinking why not give these same people what they want, a fresh view on everything. So I thought I’d make a second blog post telling the people whats happening with me and what you guys have to look forward to in the future of this site. First of all everything’s gucci. Yesterday was hype with the crew, today is kind of a flop because its raining and I had plans. I’m currently listening to some music jamming at the crib. Enough about me, I’m going to be making some movements with this blog, first of all I’m making a new section called real talk, where I’m going to talk about random subjects in an unconventional way. I’ll keep it 3hunna meaning I’ll be completely honest on my thoughts. And I plan to make a page about movies, rap music and sports. The difference is I’m not going to talk or write about stuff that are lame in my opinion, so I ain’t going to review everything out there. First and foremost I want to hear from you guys in the comments, tell me if you want me to make the blog shorter or longer, if you want me to review a certain artist or movie. Tell your friends that there’s this blog from this random ass black guy. I got a message to the haters too, if you got something to say write it in the comments, maybe I am doing something wrong. I’m going to try to do this twice a week or three times because I got lots of things to do. I may not look busy but I am at times.  If your seeing this go to Real Talk I got something for you.

And it begins

I’ll be honest, I have no idea why I did this. Why would I start a blog, it seems so stupid. But like most stupid things teenagers are bound to do it. Its October 2nd 2013, I’m in my 12th grade of high school trying to do it big. Trying to live that good life, get my money straight, get my grades up, get healthy and get enlightened. First of all I’ll tell you internet people a bit more about my self and what I hope to accomplish with this blog. First of all I’m 18, African and 5’7. I love sports even though I’m not the best at them, I love rap music, I love my family and I love my friends. To be honest I’m a shy person, I may seem confident to some people but the truth is I’m not. I enjoy time by myself and in the presence of people even my friends at times, I can come off awkward and uncomfortable. I’m lazy at times and ambitious at times, but mostly lazy. I try to do things that make me happy and I love challenging myself, seeing how hard I can push myself. In the past I’ve been known as a quitter but I’m trying to change that notion. When people look at me I think that they think, I’m a funny guy, and I’d agree with that because I do try to present humor as often as possible. I’m not a deep person but I can sit down and have a long philosophical conversation, and also have a dumb two minute chat about that nice ass I saw yesterday.  I love learning weird and strange things and i enjoy knowing things others don’t.  Please don’t take that previous sentence as a sign of cockiness, because there aint nothing cocky about loving to learn. I’m the type of guy that can be your best friend forever, if your cool and not a snake. I’ll tell stories on my blog and other things about me. Now let’s look at the purpose of my blog. First and foremost I named this blog, “The Blog Bout Nothing” because ironically I want to write about everything and anything. From basketball to football, soccer, hip hop, jokes and movies. I Want a platform to post my thoughts on life in general. Ultimately I want to be rich and known for doing something great, whether it be through blogging, comedy, rap even sports. It’s gonna be a hard road but i’m willing to climb that mountain. Imma try to make this one of the best blog, for young people out there in the struggle, and if you got any suggestions and comments don’t hesitate to ask. So if anyone sees this please tell someone about it and get em to check my blog out, maybe The Blog About Nothing will be known for something.