Stupid wise and Smart idiots

“Act foolish to speak wise” -Adrian

When I was younger a wise person told me this quote, he heard it or read it from somewhere but I can’t remember where exactly. Its amazing what you learn from older people. I often seek guidance from people who are older than me. People who have lived a hard life, because we can relate. Not saying I’ve had a hard life but I’m saying I’ve lived one that is very….interesting. While I was descending from my cloud of thought, I decided why not write about this quote, this subject in general. There’s tons of smart people in this world but you could triple that number, multiply it to the power of 10 and still not be able to number the amount of dumb idiots are in this world. But trust me in life there are some exceptions. Lets start off with the Smart idiots.

Smart idiots sounds like an oxymoron (SCHOOLBOY Q) but let me explain. Someone can be smart in terms of book smarts, really intelligent, great at analyzing a situation and finding a logical solution. That same person could be a raging alcoholic that drives drunk on a weekly basis. Just because you’re blessed with superior intellect doesn’t being your not an idiot! You can know the 40 numbers in Pi but still not able to decide if you should smoke crack…Or Nah. People out there assume, “That girl is super smart, she has a bright future” but then you find out she’s doing Adderall every night to maintain that 95% average. People automatically assume that book smarts relate directly with wisdom and street smarts. Blame society, blame parents, blame culture, blame whatever the hell you want but at the end of the day It’s all about the individual and their personal judgement. A good example of this is Rob Ford, the Toronto Mayor who did well academically, got accepted to Carleton, worked hard in his business and eventually became Mayor. We can all agree he’s an Idiot.

Now on the flip side, we have the Stupid wise. These are the type of people that are incredible aware and have natural instincts. These are also the types that have little to no chance of achieving success in the conventional way. They keep it real. They’re wise when it comes to interpersonal relationships, decision making, more self-aware and sometimes work ethic. These are not the people you ask to do a chemistry project with. Stupid wise is what my friend Adrian was all about and he taught me a few things about that type of mentality. A Stupid wise person is one that lays in the corner like a leopard, being stealthy with their approach, aware of he’s surroundings and surprising his prey, whether it be in the trees on the grass or even the shadows of the night. I don’t know if that metaphor was clear but I’m basically saying a stupid wise person can be secretly smart but hides it until the right time. A stupid wise doesn’t brag or show off intelligence, they’re meek. A carpenter in the Bible once said “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth” Matthew 5:3. 

Let’s get this out of the way, being either one of these isn’t ideal. The ideal is being a balanced person who has traits of these two examples. Of course the worst combination is being a Stupid Idiot but I’m sure no one reading this is under that category. Ideally we all want to be Smart and wise, but that’s the hardest thing to obtain. I’ve tried to do it but I can’t. I’m too ignorant and dumb in a lot of areas, but I accept that I have the potential to be better. I used to brag about stupid things, but now I realize that’s vain. I’d rather just Do instead of say or repeat. I’d rather just live in the moment than focus on the future, or look back in the past. Before any of you log off the computer or shut off the phone, I suggest you listen to “I get high (Remix” by Styles P feat Redman, and Method Man. It might be a stoner song but Listen the the chorus and reflect on your memories and see if you can improve yourself. Improve to be wiser or smarter. Personally that song makes me feel like improving, than smoking a J. So are you Stupid wise or a Smart idiot?

Mob Mentality

Its been a while huh? I’ve missed all 5 of you people that actually read this blog. Now the subject I’m hitting today is about Mob mentality and by Mob i don’t mean Money Over Bitches (Which I agree with), but group mentality. People have a sense of doing crazy things in a group environment. This explains things like Mosh Pits and Gangs for example. I’m not against Mob mentality but I think we should look at some of the actions people do in a group. Now If you’re in a group of 5 of your boys/girls, are you going to do something that you’ll regret? Not little things like drive a little over the speed limit, drink a few beers when mom is out the house or tagging a mall but I’m talking about going out with your boys and jumping somebody, gang rape, burning a building, robbing a store that’s when Mob Mentality is terrible. The best form to show passion in a Mob is getting together and going to a club, a party, a bar or a concert. Obviously things can take a bad turn but when people go to these functions the first thing on their mind isn’t burning shit up. In a mob you feel more confident because you know your crew has your back. This is good when it comes to meeting new people, doing things you’re afraid to do. Be an influence on your people, don’t be a sheep. It is better to walk alone with integrity than walk in a group with no moral character. That’s all I have to write. TRUTH 

Real and True

Hold on hold on hold on Jay what the hell you doing, you can write other things than this one you doing. Well lets get past that lil joke and get to the subject. Being real and true. People out there have trouble describing or identifying what is real and true, or who is real and true. A lot of fake things in this world. But your reading my blog so I’ll tell you what I think is real and true. Love is real, Family is real, friendships are real and memories are real. Now those four things can’t be changed no matter what. When you love someone, you know it is real by the way your heart feels when you see, talk or think about them. Family is real because its in your blood and you will see them in most of your life. Friendships are real because everyone needs to communicate, laugh, play, explore, and become connected to. Memories are probably the realest because they shape you as a human, they’re always in your mind and they will always stay there. Now if we look at each of these four in an objective way, we can see that some of them can be fake or untrue. For example you can have lust and think its love, you can be adopted into a family, you can have fake friends and of course you can have shady memories of events in your life. I still think these four are still the realist things in most people’s lives because most people that have these four things they tend to be very real and not interested in being fake. Lets look at being true. Truth is something rare in this world. If you watch a commercial for a drug pill, they’ll tell you what they think will happen but they wait till the end to tell you the full truth, may cause diarrhea, abnormal acne, dizziness, lack of sleep, etc. This becomes a bigger issue when it comes to social relationships (friendships, boyfriend, girlfriends, parents, etc), people will say one thing to your face then say something behind your back. Some will even snake (betray) you. Others will tell you half truths. Some will even pretend to be one thing when their completely something else. Now a true person walks in integrity, they’re not afraid to tell you the truth but they’ll deliver it in a compassionate way. We all know someone who says the truth, but says it brutally and with a lot of hate. Personally anything I say about a person to someone else, I have no trouble saying that to their face. I’m not with that gossip bullshit. If I don’t like you, you’ll know. I’ll say it to your face and explain myself. In my point of view that is how it should be. People should be transparent, not shady. I’m not going to tell anyone how to live, but I’ll suggest that if you like to talk about people behind their back, stop it today! Tell them how you feel, because by talking smack, your proving how weak you are. Never be afraid of confrontation, you will experience it throughout your life. Integrity is all about standing up for something you believe in and being TRUE! Anyone who has love, family, friendship, memories is experiencing a very real life and anyone who has integrity is a true person. If you have both, you will be a better person.



I’m not Ray Lewis or Joel Osteen, but I have a few words of motivation. If your unhappy about something take time in your day to analyze why you’re not happy about it. First look at it objectively, can you fix it? is it bad? can you compare it to others? should you compare it to others? I’ve known enough people who have a strange obsession with how big there nose is, how much acne they have, freckles, lips, scars, etc. But understand this, you can’t change those things and if you do (through plastic surgery or other means) it won’t change your mentality. The mind is stronger than anything in the human body. Its what makes an anorexic girl look in the mirror and think shes fat, or a body builder think he’s skinny. Now to change anything we’re not happy about we have to change our mentality. After you find what you’re unhappy about, and it is something fixable, something you can work hard to achieve a desired result. WORK HARD, to get to that goal. If its a fitness goal, then go to the gym. If its a life style goal, read a book about the subject. If its a relationship goal, speak to the person and tell them how you feel. The most important part of being motivated is STAYING motivated. Being consistent, persevering, relentless. Everyone has ambition, but its the level of ambition that makes us all different. They’re someone out there with the exact same issues as you, but the difference between you and him/her is they’re doing something about it. Work Hard. Even if you feel like you can’t do it any longer, Keep Working. Even if you don’t see results, Keep Working. Even if someone discourages you, Keep Working. Push yourself to the limit. Something that gets me motivated is when I look at where I’ve been, where I am and where I want to go. Make a realistic goal, and don’t be scared of failure. Work towards success. You should be working smarter today than you did yesterday! Never look at yourself in a negative light, think of yourself as an amazing beautiful smart person, constantly say encouraging things in your mind. Now go forth and get better! TRUTH

I dont know what to write about…

Alright, im bored out of my mind, felt like writing a post, flex my mediocre writing skills. I watched that new movie Robocop (Shouts out to B.Fri for the hook up) and thats what I think I’m gonna write about. I watched the original when i was a small kid, like 8 or 10. First time I saw it, it scared me no lie. People can become robots? HALF HUMAN TOO? I snapped! Then I saw it a few more times and it was pretty cool. But then I grew up and found out they were making a remake of the movie. Like most remakes I thought it was gonna be complete shit. I was right. 10minutes into the movie I was sleeping. The main reason I liked the first one was because of all the action. How about I tell you 50-60% of the movie is stupid plot and dumb talking. After I woke up and saw the action scenes it brought me back. By the way almost every character in the movie is an asshole, you start to like them then they do some snake ass shit. I won’t spoil anything but this movie was pretty bad. It got me angry from the start too because the black guy (not Samuel Jackson, but the other one) dies in the first 8minutes….remember its not a horror film, its an action movie. The action was actually good tho, you could follow what was actually going on. I thought this movie would be like Fast and Furious but with a RobotCop putting it in work. Honestly the best part of the movie is literally the last 2 minutes of the film. I’ll give you a hint, Samuel Jackson goes HAM. I would say this is the type of movie you rent, watch it at home with the boys and laugh at the stupid shit that happens. If you want to really have fun, go to a thrift shop (no Macklemore), buy a VHS player and buy the Robocop Cassette. You won’t regret it. Image