Let’s keep it all the way real…Eminem has been trash for the past 10 years. What is trash? Trash is when you get worse and worse every album without showing progress or improving. Trash is when you you’re a legend but constantly release sub par material, trash is when you decide to do gimmicks to get back to your “old days”. Nah Em this is not it chief.

Recovery was Eminem’s last great album and it came out in 2010, in 3 months we will be in 2019. In a few days I will post a “Kamikazi” review and spoiler alert…it wasn’t great. Machine Gun Kelly DESTROYED Marshall and that is what the rap game needed! Instead of pretending like everything an OG releases is fire the young Gunna decided to shoot shots and he didn’t miss. When real MC’s at Mathers level hit at sub par rappers like Lil Pump, Yatchy, Xan it doesn’t make you “cool” or a “Rap God” it makes you look pathetic. At this stage of his career he should be in the Icon-mentor lane not doing the same stupid shit he was doing The Eminem Show. Hip hop is a musical genre and Em doesn’t release good music anymore.

Eminem is washed, he’s an old man trying young boy tricks,  to be clear I’m not saying that MGK replaced him I’m saying that hip hop is for the children! Marshall has become the old man on the porch watching his best years pass him. “Rap Devil” is exactly what rap needs right now, this New Generation vs. Old School debate is going to evolve and hip hop is competitive by nature. When a young bull decides to come at a GOAT with BARZ I will always salute as I grab my pop corn waiting to see what happens next.


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