Poetry On People: M.M.

Mostly appreciated your time spent

our time came and it went

molded and folded into something strange

my feelings for you couldn’t arrange

the disaster that was my life when you came in

like trash or garbage, I was dirty like all sins

you looked at my past and thought

this fuck boy always gon be a thot

tried to pretend to forget you, just moving by

but no bye by me cause i was missing she

MM no G, you might be rick ross thick

in other eyes fat, but you were a down ass chick

held me down when things got messy

remember that night i came over looking dressy?

A fly guy with a blue tie after that prom

who you were as a person always turned me on

sleepovers on sleepovers but you slept on me

you were seasonal MM and I was caged in you

I broke you, then broke free from you

Kristine Leahy represents what’s wrong with Sports (and most TV) media

Kristine Leahy represents what’s wrong with Sports (and most TV) media

Y’all know how I do, I love LaVar Ball and just to keep it a buck: this post will enrage people but…not those with common sense. If you’re not a sports fan or a sports media fan you can skip this one and go suck ya modda! So let me give you the scoop on what’s going on: On fox sports 1 Collin Cowherd hosts his sports radio/TV show with his co-host Kristine Leahy. To give you context, when the whole LaVar being interviewed on every sports media platform for view  Kristine was a huge critic of him. You can say what you want about someone as a person, as a businessman or as a citizen in general but here’s a line you don’t cross: criticizing someone’s parenting in PUBLIC! On multiple occasions Leahy not only criticized she straight up bashed how LaVar raised his three (soon to be) college educated and potentially multi-millionaire black sons. Yes I’m bringing race into this cause this shit matters! Do you understand how rare and blessed these boys are to have a black father active in their life ? Willing to take the brunt insults from media, have ultimate belief in his boys and lead them from being drug addicts, dealers, gang-bangers or pure wastes to society? Shit…guess Leahy didn’t. Her main headass argument which others like Stephen stupidA.ss Smith repeated “he’s ruining his sons career before it even starts”. In this hot take generation that’s a trash and generic take but Leahy never treated it like a take she took it 100% serious and kept repeating it like the chorus of Mask Off and like that infectious tune it became overplayed and annoying as shit.

Here’s the problem with most media today: too narrow sighted, they ignore the bigger picture. Where executives of these shows want drama clickbait worthy viral confrontational irruptions to raise their viewership…its terrible. Well these FS1 producers got exactly what they wished for…LaVar came to The Herd (Collin’s show) and had one of the most real/pathetic arguments of all time. Ball was on his promo run for the ZO2s then Leahy, who has criticized the “look” of Big Baller Brand, asks how much ZO’s have been sold and this is where the magic begins. Peep the video here . I saw nothing wrong with LaVar standing up for himself against someone who has literally spent months trashing him as a person and a father! Here we steep into the racial and sexist aspects…Kristine a white women quickly takes LaVar’s standing for himself as a threat. It’s pathetic and common as hell…where the white woman pretends or exaggerates their acts of a black man (To Kill a Mocking Bird and Emmit Till). First you diss his parenting style, then you insinuate he was threatening you and here starts the demonization of the black man. She also claimed that because Big Baller Brand doesn’t market to women LaVar is clearly sexist, fuckin pathetic. Here’s an important lesson in life Everything isn’t for everybody, i’m not gonna go to Sirens to buy a romper cause that aint for me (hopefully they got Romphims). BBB isn’t marketed for women, point blank period.

With all of this being said LaVar was right in ignoring her, not giving her eye contact, telling her to “Stay in her lane” and telling her that she’s gonna get what is coming for her (Karma for you dummies that gon think this blog post is sexist). This will not ruin LaVar, this won’t ruin Leahy but it will open a bigger conversation about how media is messing up yet again. This video is important because it displays why we the people are fed up with this whole stupid media system that is obsessed with rising and ruining people that don’t fit in their “picture”. Where black people (especially men) are quick to be demonized and showed to be dumb, hyper aggressive and ignorant. Where spin matters more than context. Where the media machine and elites will find a way to ruin black outliers. Where uncle toms (Jason Whitlock) will bash their own and ignore the bigger picture. Why do I love LaVar? Because he’s the cog in this dent, he’s literally fighting the machine…and that’s real talk.

P.S. shout out Charlamagne tha God (@cthagod) and his donkey of the day for this post.

Why I hate this year’s NBA season

Why I hate this year’s NBA season

Honestly the biggest and most interesting headline in this NBA season is LaVar Ball…damn no homo my nigga but I love LAVAR BALL! If I wasn’t all every level of broke I’d cop the ZO2’s and that’s word to my mama. But let me speak some facts for ya headtop, this whole opinion about the 2017 NBA season being trash revolves around the beautiful article by Adam Caparell where he discusses the crazy amount of blowouts this year. As an intermediate basketball fan I look at the regular season the same way I look at broccoli, ya its good but is it enjoyable…no, hell nah. Then I look at the playoffs like broccoli soup with spice on it, fuckin blessed, but this playoff season has been on some spoiled veggie shit. I’m just being honest, without counting the recent games in the playoffs there have been about 20 blowouts out of 60+ games…dawg that’s atrocious.

Fam games are decided in the first and second quarter, when Golden State or the Cavs take a commanding 15 point lead it doesn’t matter wtf the other team does. This lack of depth and entertainment has ruined this NBA season and playoffs. Bruh when mans are eating wings that are too spicy for my tongue to properly digest, i’m trying to watch a competitive game not a gah damn background exhibition…I can watch that at my local YMCA. Deep in the depths of my crazy gambling mind I was praying for Spurs vs. Raptors in the finals…yes I’m that crazy. The sad thing is most people are looked at as dummies if they don’t pick Cavs vs GSW in the finals…we have accepted the trash that is 2017 NBA basketball. On my mama I’d rather watch an NHL game than see another series lead to a sweep (looking at you Boston). Long story short, super-teams are ruining the league and I can’t wait till the Warriors collapse.

Sports at the end of the day is supposed to entertain not drain.

Social media and tech aren’t the reason you’re lonely

Social media and tech aren’t the reason you’re lonely

For the most part people have come to the belief that social media and tech have isolated us and made us more lonely, but for the most part they’re wrong. Everyone who says that social media has made us as a people more lonely makes the easy correlation between more time on the screen ruining face to face interactions. While I agree with that previous statement I think it’s really closed minded fam, how you lonely when you have multiple people in your phone you can hit up? Or…maybe that’s the reason we are lonely…wait hold the fuck up!?! YUP that’s the answer! In sociological theory there’s the concept of Urban Solitude and if you have a dictionary (or google) you’ll see that it basically means that you’re lonely within a big city. That’s ironic as fuck but trust me g it makes the most sense.

In the history of humanity the concept of big cities or even the formation of them has been extremely rare or non existent. Now we have cities that are 1mill up to 24 million in Shanghai, we live in the world of Urban Solitude. If you look at human history its very rare to find societies and countries that had humongous populations! Farm towns and small villages were common, now the script is flipped like pancakes. We are so connected with tech, social media and the world yet we can’t connect to our neighbors (and we got a shit ton of em). This time and era of solitude is why our generation and most people feel so lonely. If you’re bored look up Dunbar’s number and you’ll understand that humans have a cap and a limit on social relationships, that means those 1000 “friends” of FB or 2k followers on IG are contributing to your loneliness. Aint that a bitch?

We tend to go for the easy answer when it comes to big questions, loneliness is one of the biggest ones out there: why am I alone? The answer is easy: we’re all alone because we are always together. An easy way to think of this is when you’re in a class of 150 students and a class of 32, you’ll most likely make friends and meaningful connections in the smaller class than the bigger one. Why? Because that is human nature.




btw listen to My Love by Wale feat Dua and Wizkid

How to avoid Alternative Ass

How to avoid Alternative Ass

Its a Kardashian world and we living in it. Scratch that its an Instagram thot world and we all living in it ! “Fam why is you writing this post?” – Inner Intellictual Ratchet voice, because its a fuckin epidemic. I call it the Catfishification of our culture. Much like Alternative facts perpetuated by a powerful man, Alternative ass is encouraged and reinforced by all men! Issa a sad ting, so imma help each and every one of you thirst buckets to avoid the catfishification of your timeline! May the Alternative ass never prosper my g!

  1. Assess the Ass: The extra effort in analyzing the booty will avoid much stress and disappointment, a zoom in ting might be necessary. Its 2017, women understand the power of photoshop, make sure that doorframe doesn’t have a curvature, if so curve her like a blackberry.
  2. Sight the pop: Girls nowadays pop out the crease like its a cineplex popper, yup they’re poppin that ass out like its a kernel. Before you slide in her DMs and try to feast on her like KFC you gotta peep her kernel sanders lookin ass, yes is she popping out her ass in ever pic? If so you gotta pull a Plies and run off on the plug twice.
  3. Single her out: Aight i’m not a fan of objectification but my g if she’s actively advertising the fatty you have to asses but don’t let her finesse. There’s a trend of likkle booty broads chilling with tiny ass friends, this is why I encouraged further research. Compare shorty to other alluring creases, for the sake of research. We scientific outchea!

Honorable Mention=Peep her squat game. If she’s in the gym 24/7 then that fatty might be proper or Fat transfer #Staywoke

With the A.S.S. strategy we will eliminate Alternative ass one scroll at a time, done are the days of Jen Selter or Kylie Jenner, we on that Cocaine Lorraine and Bernice Burgos level. #Progression

Acquaintances can be better than friends

Acquaintances can be better than friends

From everything you can asses in my entire blog (I don’t expect you to read it all [only the real ones would]) you can clearly see that it is very personal. Personal to a fault yet distant in many ways, but I’d like to clarify a ting: every reader of this blog is appreciated! Got love for you regardless of where you are, who you are, known or unknown, got hella love for you don’t ever forget it! Big moves on the way and I want y’all to join me on the journey :).

With all that being said let’s get to the topic of tonight’s post: the beauty of acquaintances. Why did this topic even arrive in my head? aight I gotta keep it a buck, I was watching episode 2 season 2 of Master of None (season review pon da way) and Dev, Aziz Ansari’s character, said something incredibly profound yet simple as fuck to his buddy Arnold, “some people are in your life for a reason or a season” (btw peep my poem Seasonal). Yup, that simple. But take some time to think about that entire phrase…while you use those 2 brain cells imma explain the context. Arnold is Dev’s best friend, Dev is in Italy so Arnold come’s to visit him and also attend his ex girlfriend’s wedding. Pictures of Arnold’s ex (on his phone) spark up feelings, he expresses them to Dev basically sayin “i miss shordy” then BOOM, Dev says the most profound thing in this entire series. Aight, you done thinking over that line? Cause its simple like scrambled eggs yet harder to digest than the thickest oatmeal, what Dev was saying in this case was that Arnold’s ex was there for a reason and obviously a few seasons cause they dated for 11 years. Here I expand Dev’s romantic context to a platonic level, sometimes (a lot of times even) the ones who don’t know you as intimately as your friends are highkey better than your friends. Nothing worse than being treated “less” by your friends not only is it sad but its pathetic and indicative of the time we live in. I won’t go into details but I’ve seen a friends not help a mans stuck in corner while a next mans is faster and more willing to help some stranger (me). In your life there’s definitely been times of great turmoil where the most unlikely people rose up and your “friends” were no where to be found, is this a generational (millennial or post millennial) ting or is it in our nature? Imma expand on dat in a future post. To make it perfectly clear, we have all been victims and “fake friend” throughout our lives, but this is where it ends.

Nothing is more valued in our culture than “keepin it real” and thats the sad thing about our times, friendships are ruined every day based on lies, dishonesty and lack of communication. That’s why the allure of having an acquaintance or having a lot of them is so important, it essentially means that there’s a sort of witness and a half investment in you so disappointment (even expectation) is lower than with friends. No, I am not encouraging everyone to go the drake route on some no new friends shit, all I’m sayin is that we shouldn’t take the acquaintances for granted! Who knows, they could be your manager one day or maybe a janitor, who knows (no Raven Symone). So value the ones you rarely see and expand on those relationships, because we are the social ape and we need more in our tribe than the others.

Late Night Thoughts (Vol 3)

Late Night Thoughts (Vol 3)

Some thoughts that ring through a 2:33am mind aren’t simple to write down. We could play the generic super emotional sad nostalgic “i’m alone” card but that’s played out. We could talk about fears and anxiety but that’s also a useless overplayed record…why are you reading this (and why am I writing this)? Because there’s a message behind this and if you follow me down this journey you’ll find it and maybe find yourself in this journey.

Recently I’ve been looking at what the meaning of friendship is, and as abstract and simple as that may be, it has occupied my mind. We have them, we need them and they need us, that’s the biggest part of being human. This lead me to expand and try to understand what a soulmate and what a lifemate are. When these thoughts decided to run in my head I did what anyone would do: I asked my friends. For the most part they said that a lifemate and soul mate are essentially the exact same thing, and to be real I didn’t agree with any of em’. I like understanding things, especially when they peak my interest so I went to check out this dope ass youtuber/sexologist Shan Boody who essentially broke down soulmate as someone who grasps an intense close connection while a lifemate is someone in your life forever that will support your “journey”. No one has explained my feelings on such words any better than Boody.

We are raised in a society (especially with media pressures) that constantly tries to “pair” us up, couples and relationships are literally “goals”. We have been raised to believe that marriage is that thing we gotta do, to have our soulmate the one that makes us whole…What if I told you all that was some bullshit? What if i told you that your soulmate and potential lifemate is a best friend, a friend or even an acquaintance? What if I told you romantic love is more misleading than genuine love for family and friends? What If I told you that an amazing friendship can surpass anything? What if i told you that friend breakups are worse than romantic ones? What if this whole blog was some bullshit and its 2:50am I should be sleeping?

Lots of “if”s turned to thoughts, turned to actions which transformed into habits…let that sink in.



They said that April showers bring May flowers

Sometimes it snows in April

Sometimes when March leaves

And we forget the February love

We try to start fresh like January 1st

You were never, my last never December

I tried to not remember November

Crazy I fell for you in October (it was your birthday)

Work and School played games in September

Alsina the way I lost you in August

My heart needed you mid July when I turned 21

Before we became what we were, seasonal.

You come, I go and I cum you go

We sleep in the same bed yet miles apart

I know not to speak on matters of the heart but you and me could never work from the start. Seasons come and seasons go, our season was cold, hot, lukewarm and chilly but from the start it was silly.

Seasons come and seasons go.

I miss you

This is know.



Why 13 Reasons Why sucked

Why 13 Reasons Why sucked

I’m big on perspective and to be perfectly clear it is important that we have a view of the big picture, this show is well done and it is a must watch. But y’all don’t get it twisted this aint a recommendation, I give this show a solid C- for several reasons. If you don’t have netflix or an internet connection (bruv why u even on my blog) I’ll try to summarize it spoiler free…IMMA SPOIL IT AROUND THE MIDDLE OF THIS RANT/REVIEW…in essence this show addresses teen suicide. With the climate we live in, where more than ever people are effected by mental health issues especially teenagers it is incredibly important that this show came out and is a huge reason why it became popular. With that being said this show is about Hannah Baker, a teenage girl that killed herself because of several people in her life, she records a tape about each of those people. Thus the show name 13 reasons why, 13 tapes of 13 people. Interesting concept, important message, relevant topic but shit execution. The main reason I dislike this show is because of the two main characters, Hannah and Clay, they are framed in such an unrealistic light that this show loses credibility and watchablity (i just made up that word, you’tr welcome).

Before I go off, this section is the spoiler zone…do not pass this if you haven’t watched the show in its trash entirety…You’ve been warned fam…now on to why I dislike this show. I hate it because of Hannah Baker for the most part, and Clay for similar but different reasons, first and foremost they both represent 1st world problems! For a show that pushes an important message there’s whole ass episodes focusing on a piece of paper being thrown on the ground, friends not showing up to cafes and rude valentine dates. Y’all need to re read that last sentence! Bruv can you actually see yourself committing suicide because of such petty reasons? I ain’t trying to be insensitive but something has to give, my g there’s people on this earth living in HELL and they survive they thrive they don’t sweat the small stuff. Even within the  show, Justin objectively speaking had the roughest life of the entire cast and he was able to cope with the shitty hand he was dealt with. I know everyone’s different but at the end of the day we live in a real world and this world that 13 reasons why depicted is stupid and simplistic. A girl with so much privilege picks apart the pettiest shit to “tape” is downright insulting. The only tape that warrented suicide in my point of view is the Bryce tape, we all know why.

Clay is a different yet similar level of annoying and he ties in with Hannah perfectly, the mandem was actually going on a man hunt for a girl that gives 0 fucks about him. Clay is one of the corniest characters of all time, he literally lives in flashbacks and not to mention he’s a terrible son. Now I understand the hurt he felt after finding out his #wcw offed herself but I find it telling that the mans knew so little about her yet seemed to care so much. Is that human flaw or just shitty plot progression…you decide.

What makes this show even worse is that it glorifies suicide to a lowkey highkey degree. It’s highschool everybody is struggling, scratch that, it’s life we all go through terrible things every day instead of being over dramatic and hiding our problems we push on and we handle the problems of today and leave them when we go to bed! I’m not trying to trivialize depression…it’s terrible, I know, but realizing that you are not alone and have support in more ways than you can imagine can avoid suicide in so many ways. Hannah ain’t a hero, neither is Clay and neither is anyone in this headass cast. 13 Reasons why is basically a trash 90’s after school special that is praised for an issue we all can/already deal with.

(props for anyone that read this long post…respect.)

P.S….more show and music reviews on the way.