Let’s keep it all the way 100, this has been the best year in hip hop since 2008 and you could even argue this year is BETTER. Bangers left and right ,it’s only October and there’s 10 records that could be album of the year. Despite this trend of amazing music we have to know one thing: 2018 HAS BROUGHT THE MOST FUCKERY IN HIP HOP HISTORY! Starting with COONYE WEST

We all saw the video, the TMZ video where Van Lathan called him out for supporting President Trump. We all saw him apologize about being in the “sunken place”. We all saw the video of him pressing Nick Cannon, Drake and others for talking about his wife. Kanye West is tying to be Teksashi 69…All he does is TROLL. First off what is a “Tekashi”? It is the act of causing drama and “beefs” to gain attention for an upcoming record. Example, Tekashi 69 went to O block in Chicago (one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the US) to gain clout for a new song. Difference is Tekashi is 23 and this man COONYE is 41 and a father of three! Fam imagine your 41 year old father trolling…PATHETIC…Throw the whole career away.

At one point Kanye West was my favorite artist, because he spoke about real issues. He was Drake before Drake. He was on of the few artists in hip hop that actually exposed his feelings and didn’t hide behind the facade of being “hard”. He was the promised one, blessed by Jay-Z and the musical genius to break into the mainstream. Now this man raps “I’m a sick fuck I like a quick fuck (wooo)” PATHETIC…Throw the whole career away.

As a culture we have to throw this man straight to garbage bin, he’s trash. His music is trash, his opinions are trash, his trolling is trash and him as a person is garbage. PATHETIC…Throw the whole career away.

P.S. Ye was his worst album…and is in competition for worst album of the year. Yehandi won’t be better.


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