The top 5 Pass Rushers next season

The top 5 Pass Rushers next season

When we look at the modern NFL the QB is the most important position but the 2nd and in my POV the most important position is the defensive end. Not the Tackle, not the outside linebacker and not the inside backer…it’s the defensive end! These are the guys that hit the quarterback and cause fumbles, sacks and interceptions, it all starts with the ends especially in this passing league. Similar to wide receivers I look for consistency, defensive backs and division, those 3 make up the best D-Linemen in the league.

  1. Chandler Jones

chandler jones

Nope not Aaron Donald it’s Chandler Jones because his division has weak mobility QBs. Jones will have to sack Jarred Goff, Gimmy Grappalo and Russell Wilson…yes this man will get sacks. The difference between him, Donald and Bosa is that Jones has been consistent for years with 12 or more sacks in his last 5 seasons.

2. Aaron Donald

aaron donald

Yes the NFC West has a lot of sackable QBs and Donald is one of the receivers. Aaron Donald has been a dominant Defensive Tackle for the past 3 seasons and it won’t end because this is not a man, he’s a monster. Expect 14 to 16 sacks with a running Kyler Murray and Russell Wilson, these are guys that create 3 to 4 sack games for guys like Donald. On top of that he can stop the run, expect a big year from Aaron.

3. Calais Campbell

Sacksonville lost a Hall of Famer and why? To start a franchise with 0 motivation and spirit? Yes and Yes. Calaise is a generational talent because this man makes plays with little to no help, expect a big year from the Sacksonville legend. Why? Because Baker Mayfield holds the ball for too long, Joe Burrow is a rookie and James Connor can’t break tackles at the first level.

4. T.J. Watt

TJ Watt

The same things I said about Calais Campbell I can say about T.J. this man is in the AFC North…where running backs and running plays run the division. Watt has proved himself as a run stopper and he isn’t going to stop. With 8 forced fumbles and 2 interceptions last year this man is not going to slow down, T.J. will sack Lamar and Burrow A LOT…he is my dark horse defensive player of the year.

5. Danielle Hunter

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Minnesota Vikings

When the Vikings released Everson Griffin it meant that Denielle Hunter secured his spot as the top sack master in the NFC. No, not J.J. Watt no and not Za’Darius Smith, the top guy is Danielle because who can stop him? This man has had two straight seasons of 14 or more sacks with 52 tackles and 3 forced fumbles last year. This man is in his prime, expect a great season in this trash NFC North.

Phil Jackson was the last dance

Phil Jackson was the last dance

I alluded to it in the first 2 episodes and the Denis Rodman episodes…Phil Jackson and Jerry Reinsdorf are the biggest reason the dynasty ended, NOT Jerry Krause. Last night in the last 10 minutes of this amazing Docu-series we realized the truth, Phil Jackson had the option to go for 7 and when he told Reinsdorf “no” it effectively ended the Chicago Bulls 90s dynasty. If you read between the lines Reinsdorf and Jackson had all the power, no one could handle Rodman and Scottie Pippen like Phil and no body could keep Krause in check like Reinsdorf. These were the puppet masters that made the Bulls amazing, Jordan was the front main. Here are 3 other take aways from the last 2 episodes of the Last Dance.

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Monday Motivation: Cam Newton’s story

Monday Motivation: Cam Newton’s story

I want to shift Monday Motivation and focus on Cam Newton, one of my favorite Quarterbacks to ever play the game. He used to play for the Carolina Panthers before they got a new owner, David Tepper, who decided to move the franchise to a run-first Christian McCaffery lead team. This guy was the MVP of the league 5 years ago and now he’s a free agent who can’t find a starting job in a 32 team league…so why is he my Motivation monday?

He’s putting in work! Social media is not real life but when you put out a certain energy on apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook or whatever you decided, you’re giving the world a part of yourself. It’s based on the truth and Cam’s truth is that he’s putting in WORK! Today he posted an amazing video on his YouTube page (view below), if this can’t get you hyped I don’t know what will.

What defines you is not your losses or failures, it’s the come back, it’s the determination to get up when everything and everyone expects you to stay down. Cam ain’t staying down and I hope you ain’t either.

Jordan was the most Alpha athlete of all time

Jordan was the most Alpha athlete of all time

We just watched it but what did we learn? Since every moment of his career was covered, what did episode 5 and 6 have to offer? One thing is clear, Michael Jordan is the most Alpha athlete of all time and here are 3 reasons that I give him that crown.

  1. Everything was a competition


One of the most telling scenes was the start of episode 6 where Jordan was flipping coins and taking bets against his security guard, the man was putting thousands on coin flips. Read that again. This man was betting THOUSANDS on coin flipping. One of the reasons Jordan is who he is, was this insane competitive drive. He hated losing so bad he went to Atlantic City to gamble until 3am to get the rush of competing, the chance to win.

2. No friends on the court

charles barkley

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3 Story lines every NFL fan should care about for tonight’s Draft

3 Story lines every NFL fan should care about for tonight’s Draft

Tonight’s the night! The big one where NFL players are born and dreams come true, where college ballers become professionals and where the NFL season starts. Yes, the NFL Draft is the start of the season for us (the fans). Here are 3 story lines you should watch out for:

  1. Who takes Tua Tagovoila


Everyone has been saying Miami and some say the L.A. Chargers but when we look at this kid, the most talented QB in this entire draft, we have to ask the question: who takes Tua? Let’s go back to the 2019 draft which had Dwyane Haskins as the big name Quarter back who was supposed to go to the New York Giants at pick #6, what happened? The Giants took Daniel “who tf is this guy” Jones and they’ll regret it because Haskins is a better player. Tonight I KNOW Miami and L.A. will make that mistake because both these teams have weak management and have made bad picks consistently. Who takes Tua? My guess is New England trades up with Miami or Detriot to get the Pro-Bowl level QB, and Yes Tua is THAT good.

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Tompa Bay’s revenge !!!

Tompa Bay’s revenge !!!

Yes, he trademarked “Tompa Bay” and yes he finessed Gronk out of retirement and yes we LOVE IT! Football fans everywhere should be happy and recognize what a blessing we’re going to get, a high powered offense with an angry Tom Brady who has a lot to prove. If we remove bias and use football logic, we all know that the New England Patriots under Bill Belichick is an amazing organization. They’re a dynasty and their coach is so obsessed with winning that he cheats on the regular.

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Rona and the future of sports

Rona and the future of sports

Yes, I know what you’re thinking: why do you have a WWE star (Drew McIntyre) on the cover of a sports article?!? They’re one of the only major sports holding events, the easiest example is Wrestle Mania 36 which was trash, absolutely terrible. Dana White tried with UFC 249  but Mickey Mouse gave that man a call and boom it was canceled. So what is the future of sports?

With Florida stating that the WWE is an “essential service” to it’s economy, I believe we’ll have basketball and mma in the summer. This clears the lane for other sports to safely and securely hold events. I believe that Nevada might make a similar claim when it comes to boxing and MMA, specifically the UFC. This is good. Entertainment is on the rise during these Covid-19 days and when it comes to sports that combine entertainment and athleticism, it makes sense to put them on T.V. ! I predict that the NBA playoffs will start in July and end in August before the NFL season starts with 0 fans.

From what I’ve read and heard, the future of most sports will be limited to zero fans, which is sad. Fans make sports exciting and give the game some flavor. You don’t believe me? Watch the Charles Oliveara vs Kevin Lee fight card. Watch the last few games of Serie A, specifically Inter Milan vs Juventis and come back here.

The future of sports is not good, but its better than most industries. Expect people to dribble and throw tables at each other before we start going back to our cubicles.