When I wrote about UFC 249 and how big that was for sports, I did it because it showed that sports can happen during this pandemic. Me and my cousin watched Der Klassiker between Bayern Munich and Burutia Dortmund two German Bundesliga giants facing each other in an empty football stadium. And that made me realize…yup, the NBA is gonna start soon! But how? How should Adam Silver restart the NBA season. Here are my 3 suggestions:

  1. Go straight to the playoffs

Desperate times call for desperate measures and the biggest move to make is going straight into the playoffs. These players have worked 60 games or more to prove that they are deserve to go to the dance, treat this season like a lock out year. We have a sample size, we know which teams are good, bad and trash! Let’s get straight to it, NBA playoff basketball.

2. Playoff pre-season 

These players will not be in basketball shape at all, the goal is to make sure they’re ready to hoop. Having a 2 week playoff pre-season would be great for 2 reasons, T.V. deals and focus. These are ballers who haven’t worked in almost 3 months, which means they need to shave off some rust. If they get pushed to high level intense playoff basketball they’ll get injured. A 2 week playoff pre-season would make these players ready for a grueling 2 month playoff run, each of the 16 playoff teams would have about 5-6 games to warm up and that would be enough.

3. Play in small gyms

One of the most cringe things to watch is an empty stadium, watching Der Klassiker was because there was so much space. NBA fans want an intimate experience this season, we want entertainment and we want feel included! Silver should make sure the gyms are small and intimate, make us, the viewers feel like we’re inside the game when James Harden misses another step-back. Make us feel the power of a LeBron dunk, make us part of the game! Smaller gyms would be perfect for that experiment.


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